Mic Check: 1,2,3.. Leadership in Africa

Hi Everyone,

This post is a bit different from all our previous ones. In all our first five posts, we went on and on about the greatness, flaws and posthumous regrets about some leaders and exceptional people in Africa. We educated. We informed, but for what purpose.

Even though we have more to come, this is just a short monologue on leadership in Africa and why we are where we are…

This is an open conversation so please share your thoughts and ideas.

Much love,

The AP Team

Does great leadership even exist in Africa?  How do we recognize it? Is great, democratic leadership really leadership of the people, by the people for the people? How is that even possible when as citizens we tend to be fickle, flighty and inconsistent.. turning our backs on those we once spoke highly about.

African leadership is a prime example of the power of a support system. We have had the great ones taken down by the fear and reality of losing local support… Great ones overrun by the pressure to please the public, to listen, even when the public is spewing lies.

We have lost so many great ones, whether they began”correctly” through an election or rushed in through a coup. Now they are only praised when they are dead and gone… when it’s too late.

How can we still talk about great leadership when we have allowed them to be killed, murdered, disgraced and turn their hearts away in fear. How can we talk about great leaders when we have turned our backs on some of the greatest to ever walk on African soil.

Now we praise them? Now we try to reconcile with their families? Now we talk about raising the next Lumumbas, Kenyattas, Nkrumahs, Sankaras, etc… after we have showed the world how little we cherished them.

We cry when we are abused by harsh leaders. We cry forgetting that we allowed them in. We cry because we realize our mistake and recognize we need a saviour. So we reach out for one only to torture them again and trade them for another.. and another … with our lips, our minds…our entire beings.

We are flawed, like many others all over the world.

So really who can save Africa?… We the people can. We the support system. We are our own great leaders. We have the power to turn the hearts of any leader and mold them into what we want them to be. We are more powerful than we think.

Yes great leadership exists but a great leader without an appreciative and concerned support system is a lost one.

So let’s use our power and stop crying out for saviours which we will never even cherish anyways….

*drops mic.


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